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    21.example graphic

    Marigorta UM, Denson LA, Hyams JS, Mondal K, Prince J, Walters TD, Griffiths A, Noe JD, Crandall WV, Rosh JR, Mack DR, Kellermayer R, Heyman MB, Baker SS, Stephens MC, Baldassano RN, Markowitz JF, Kim MO, Dubinsky M, Cho J, Aronow BJ, Kugathasan S*, Gibson G*.

    Transcriptional Risk Scores link GWAS to eQTL and Predict Complications in Crohn’s Disease

    Nature Genetics 2017, XXXXXX

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    Mandage R, Telford M, Rodriguez JA, Farre X, Layouni H, Marigorta UM, Cundiff C, Heredia-Genestar JM, Navarro A, Santpere G.

    Genetic factors affecting EBV copy number in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from the 1000 Genome Project samples

    PLoS One 2017, 12 (6), e0179446

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    Kugathasan S*, Denson LA*, Walters TD*, Kim MO, Marigorta UM, Schirmer M, Mondal K, Liu C, Griffiths A, Noe JD, Crandall WV, Snapper S, Rabizadeh S, Rosh JR, Shapiro JM, Guthery S, Mack DR, Kellermayer R, Kappelman MD, Steiner S, Moulton DE, Keljo D, Cohen S, Oliva-Hemker M, Heyman MB, Otley AR, Baker SS, Evans JS, Kirschner BS, Patel AS, Ziring D, Trapnell BC, Sylvester FA, Stephens MC, Baldassano RN, Markowitz JF, Cho J, Xavier RJ, Huttenhower C, Aronow BJ, Gibson G*, Hyams JS*, Dubinsky MC*.

    Prediction of complicated disease course for children newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease: a multicentre inception cohort study

    The Lancet 2017, 389 (10080), 1710-1718

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    Rodriguez JA, Marigorta UM, Hughes DA, Spataro N, Bosch E, Navarro A.

    Antagonistic pleiotropy and mutation accumulation influence human senescence and disease

    Nature Ecology & Evolution 2017, 1,0055

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    Zeng B, Lloyd-Jones LR, Holloway A, Marigorta UM, Metspalu A, Montgomery GW, Esko T, Brigham KL, Quyyumi AA, Idaghdour Y, Yang J, Visscher PM, Powell JE, Gibson G.

    Constraints on eQTL fine mapping in the presence of multi-site local regulation of gene expression

    G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2017 g3. 117.043752


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    Mieth B, Kloft B, Rodriguez JA, Sonnenburg S, Vobruba R, Morcillo-Suarez C, Farre X, Marigorta UM, Fehr E, Dickhaus T, Blanchard G, Schunk D, Navarro A, Muller KR.

    Combining Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Machine Learning Increases the Statistical Power of Genome-wide Association Studies

    Scientific Reports 2016, 6:36671

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    Zhao J, Akinsanmi I, Arafat D, Cradick TJ, Lee CM, Banskota S, Marigorta UM, Bao G, Gibson G.

    A Burden of Rare Variants Associated with Extremes of Gene Expression in Human Peripheral Blood

    American Journal of Human Genetics 2016 98(2):299-309


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    Gibson G, Marigorta UM, Ojagbeghru ER, Park S.

    A Case Study in Wellness-Oriented Personalized Medicine

    The Yale Journal Biology and Medicine 2015 88(4):397

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    Marigorta UM, Rodriguez JA, Navarro A.

    GWAS replicability across time and space

    Genome-Wide Association Studies: From Polymorphism to Personalized Medicine 2015, Chapter 4:53-66

    12.example graphic

    Marigorta UM, Rodriguez JA, Navarro A.

    GWAS: a milestone in the road from genotypes to phenotypes

    Genome-Wide Association Studies: From Polymorphism to Personalized Medicine 2015, Chapter 2:12-25

    11.example graphic

    Gibson G, Powell JE, Marigorta UM.

    Expression quantitative trait locus analysis for translational medicine

    Genome Medicine 2015 7:60


    10.example graphic

    Rodriguez JA, Marigorta UM, Navarro A.

    Integrating genomics into evolutionary medicine

    Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 29(12):97-102

    9.example graphic

    Marigorta UM* and Gibson G.

    A simulation study of gene-by-environment interactions in GWAS implies ample hidden effects

    Frontiers in Genetics doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00225

    8.example graphic

    Mendizabal I*, Lao O*, Marigorta UM*, Kayser M, Comas D.

    Implications of Population History of European Romani on Genetic Susceptibility to Disease

    Human Heredity 76(3-4):194-200

    7.example graphic

    Olalde I, Sanchez-Quinto F, Datta D, Marigorta UM, Charleston WKC, Rodriguez JA, Fernandez-Callejo M, Gonzalez I, Montfort M, Matas-Lalueza L, Civit S, Luiselli D, Charlier P, Pettener D, Ramirez O, Navarro A, Himmelbauer H, Marques-Bonet T* and Lalueza-Fox C.*

    Genomic analysis of the blood attributed to Louis XVI (1754 1793), king of France

    Scientific Reports 4:4666

    6.example graphic

    Olalde I*, Allentoft ME*, Sanchez-Quinto F, Santpere G, Chiang CWK, DeGiorgio M, Prado-Martinez J, Rodriguez JA, Rasmussen S, Quilez J, Ramirez O, Marigorta UM, Fernandez-Callejo M, Prada ME, Vidal-Encinas JM, Nielsen R, Netea MG, Novembre J, Sturm RA, Sabeti P, Marques-Bonet T, Navarro A, Willerslev E and Lalueza-Fox C.

    Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic European

    Nature doi:10.1038/nature12960


    5.example graphic

    Marigorta UM and Navarro A.

    High Trans-ethnic Replicability of GWAS Results Implies Common Causal Variants

    PLoS Genetics 9(6): e1003566


    4.example graphic

    Mendizabal I*, Lao O*, Marigorta UM, Wollstein A, Gusmao L, Ferak V, Ioana M, Jordanova A, Kaneva R, Kouvatsi A, Kucinskas V, Makukh H, Metspalu A, Netea MG, de Pablo R, Pamjav H, Radojkovic D, Rolleston SJ, Sertic J, Macek M Jr, Comas D*, Kayser M*.

    Reconstructing the population history of European Romani from genome-wide data

    Current Biology 22(24):2342-9

    3.example graphic

    Mendizabal I, Marigorta UM, Lao O, Comas D.

    Adaptive evolution of loci covarying with the human African Pygmy phenotype

    Human Genetics Aug;131(8):1305-17


    2.example graphic

    Gazave E, Darre F, Morcillo-Suarez C, Petit-Marty N, Carreño A, Marigorta UM, Ryder OA, Blancher A, Rocchi M, Bosch E, Baker C, Marques-Bonet T, Eichler EE, Navarro A.

    CNV Analysis In The Great Apes Reveals Species-Specific Patterns Of Structural Variation

    Genome Research 21:1626-1639

    1.example graphic

    Marigorta UM, Lao O, Casals F, Calafell F, Morcillo-Suarez C, Faria R, Bosch E, Serra F, Bertranpetit J, Dopazo H, Navarro A.

    Recent human evolution has shaped geographical differences in susceptibility to disease

    BMC Genomics 12:55 (highly accessed)

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